Sustainable Environmental, Social, and Governance Leadership Graduate Certificate

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Ensure Organizations Do Good in the World — and Do Well in Your Career

In our modern world, success isn’t solely defined by financial gains. Businesses and governmental bodies acknowledge the importance of balancing economic prosperity with social and environmental responsibility. If you aspire to drive positive change in sustainable business practices, pursue your Sustainable Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Leadership Graduate Certificate. Our faculty members bring diverse expertise to the classroom, equipping you with knowledge and skills for addressing climate change, environmental degradation, social injustice, and other pressing challenges within organizations locally and globally.

ESG Courses Rooted in the Science and Business of Sustainability

Our courses prepare you to consider public policy and sustainable practices in your business career. You can tailor your education to your goals through electives that explore environmental justice, corporate responsibility, and other ESG topics involving finance, supply chains, and leadership.

Change Leadership for ESG Action

Gain hands-on experience in investigating, designing, and implementing ESG improvements.

ESG for Investors and the Economy

Discuss and analyze current ESG topics and potential developments that apply to finance.

Responsible Supply Chain Management

Learn strategies that consider the triple bottom line — people, the planet, and profit.

Meet the Rising Demand for ESG Leaders

Building ESG expertise helps you do more than promote sustainability — you can also boost your earning potential. In 2023, a Reuters report showed finance professionals with job titles containing “ESG” or “sustainability” averaged 22% higher salaries than roles without those designations.3

Career Paths in ESG and Sustainability

ESG Manager $132,790 per year4

Environmental Analyst $69,753 per year5

Corporate Sustainability Manager $100,206 per year6

Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist $72,144 per year7

About the Schools

This certificate is offered through a collaboration with the following schools within the University of Minnesota. The multidisciplinary courses draw on the science of sustainability, organizational change scholarship, concepts of justice, and beyond, providing more insight than training through a professional group or society.

Carlson School of Management

A leader in business education and research, the Carlson School offers students experiential learning, international education, and access to a vast alumni network.

Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Ranked among the nation’s top professional public policy and planning schools, the Humphrey School equips students for impactful roles in public life at various levels.

Institute on the Environment (IonE)

IonE supports interdisciplinary research, develops global leaders, and fosters transformative partnerships to address the world’s greatest challenges

An Impactful Learning Experience

While continuing your education through the Carlson School, Humphrey School, and IonE, you’ll gain access to a highly supportive team that includes enrollment specialists, career center coaches, and expert instructors. With our extensive alumni network across more than 100 countries, you’ll make incredible connections that empower your success.

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